Gupta Consulting, LLC provides customized advisory services for a wide range of business issues facing companies today. We help drive both strategy and tactical implementation of business imperatives, partnering with clients in all sectors to transform their businesses, creating high impact results that endure.



It’s our business to confront complex strategic challenges. We meet them by providing exceptional clarity, based on rigorous analysis and a wide open mind.



We help you define and execute your strategy - providing direction on where you need to go and showing you how to get there.




I have worked with Julie on a number of BTG projects and in every case found her to be smart, professional and strategic. Julie goes above and beyond to exceed her client's expectations.

KRISTIN BROWN PATRICKTalent Acquisition Strategy for F500 Companies

Julie is an incredibly intelligent and warm person. She has the ability to see straight to the heart of a situation, identify the best and most efficient path forward, and to bring everyone along with her as she easily has won their trust. I worked with Julie very closely on the creation and launch of a new commercial operations organization for a former employer.

Kate HermansGlobal Strategic Commercial Executive

Julie is the kind of consultant and collaborator you come across only rarely in a career. She not only provides bold and innovative thinking, but can also drive that thinking to produce concrete recommendations that drive positive business results. She is an excellent communicator who establishes very strong rapport with both clients and colleagues, and is always willing to lend a hand, or an ear, to provide support and encouragement.

Dan RostPrincipal at NeoFocus Strategy Consulting

Julie has consulted with my team on a number of high level projects. Her ability to develop critical insights, and a solid plan to remediate and execute is second to none. She has the rare ability of a consultant to engender a comradarie with the team that ensures flawless execution.

Amy JennerVice President, Global Commercial Operations, North America Region at Pfizer

Julie is a superstar. Not sure what else there is to say. Combining an engineering oriented brain with business school makes her a problem solving master mind. Her rate and pace is relentless be it spitting out PRD's, PPT's, or ability to find a great spot for lunch in any far flung corner of the earth. I just wish I was working with her today!

Michael LevitManaging Partner at Dragonfly Partners

I have the pleasure of having Julie lead business development for YTL Communications from the company's planning stage to commercial launch -- a crucial role as having a strong ecosystem of partnerships is critical to creating inertia for organic growth. Julie's ability to engage and manage partners, model business cases and drive the structuring and closure of deals has helped us create one of the most innovative and exciting 4G network launches.

Wing LeeCEO at YTL Communications Sdn Bhd

Julie Gupta worked with our team on a number of projects over the past few years. Julie gets things done, with a pragmatic approach focused on delivery. She is an excellent thought partner, able to challenge respectfully, generate solutions and options based in fact, and interact with senior leaaders in an effective manner. Plus, Julie is fun to be around, always ready with a restaurant recommendation or travel tip.

Tom I. DavisDirector of Business Operations at Pfizer

Julie is tireless and singularly dedicated in the performance of duties entrusted to her, regardless of magnitude or import. Supremely intelligent, independent, resourceful and highly versatile in all aspects of good business practices, she brings together and delivers a comprehensive and enviable stable of skills without the egotistical grandstanding and arrogance normally associated with such talent. She would be and is an asset to any organisation.

Raymond C.E. TanLegal & Regulatory Head, edotco Group

Julie does whatever it takes to complete a high quality end product, and has an incredible ability for overcoming obstacles. Julie brings a great skillset and experience to contribute needed management to any project. She is one of the smartest people I know.

Paula SorrellDirector of the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute

Julie is a quick study. In this position, she was detail-oriented, and, at the same time, understood the bigger market dynamics.

Aneesh KumarFounder and CEO