Bold Ideas That Drive Change

Gupta Consulting has followed one principle since its founding in 2006: to make a lasting difference for our clients. The only way we can get those kinds of results is to work relentlessly and passionately — partnering with senior executives to create and execute innovative operational strategies that deliver top-line growth, maximum earnings, and peak valuation.

Our consultants offer insights with the power to transform the very way your company operates. We create competitive advantage by living and breathing your business, your operations, and your ecosystem. What does that mean? We dig deeper and farther, beyond the obvious, with a proven combination of the latest strategic thought, experience across a broad array of market segments, and collaborating with specialists around the globe.

Developing And Implementing Ground Breaking Strategies

Gupta Consulting helps business leaders devise strategies that respond to the threats and opportunities created by a business world which has changed fundamentally. To succeed, business leaders will need to make radical changes to their strategy. Whether a business is facing long-term challenges or short-term imperatives, we help you develop a strategy for success.

Optimizing Organizational Design And Operational Effectiveness

The starting point for a successful “reorg” is the decisions that create value, not the boxes and lines of the org chart. Our approach helps companies structure their operations around the key sources of value in the business, remove unnecessary complexity and set up an effective operating model that allows the company to realize its strategic objectives.

Managing Projects

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. At Gupta Consulting, we realize that the success or failure of any initiative often rests with how the project is managed. We bring our unique viewpoint in how best to implement projects and cater it to the needs of your organization.

This is a subset of the services Gupta Consulting provides. Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.